Snow and Birds on March 7

Today, March 7, was a good day to stay inside, enjoy the falling snow, and watch the birds. The first unexpected arrivals were red-winged blackbirds, three of them—a female and two first-winter males. The first photo shows the female.

The second photo shows a first-winter male. It's basic plumage is so dark that, with snow as the background, what is left of its juvenile striping doesn't show.

Here at the house song sparrows are infrequent visitors because the habitat isn't right. Any time I really want to see them I can drive several miles to her place, complete with pond, tall grass, and brush. I was happy this morning to photograph this one.

Starlings are a nuisance and a small flock has been around for a month or more. One showed up today with a flock of brown-headed cowbirds, the first of the year for my wife and me.

In case you're interested in photography, I took these photos through the window in my study. The feeder is maybe ten feet away, enabling me to use my standard zoom lens to provide more depth of field than my telephoto zoom provides.