I apparently went to sleep last night before the weather forecast changed.  Needless to say, I was a bit surprised by the amount of snow this morning...and inspired.  I headed out about mid-morning, with camera, even as the snow was both still falling and melting. 

Tracks are always fun to follow and extract a story from.  The unmistakable Spring songs of male Northern cardinals, robins and a tufted titmouse contrasted with the tiny footprints of juncos and song sparrows beneath the sunflower seed feeder. 

I am always impressed by the delicacy of these small songbird tracks.  For a comparison, check out the wild turkey prints below, quite fresh.  Later this afternoon I flushed 15 turkeys, near where these pictures were taken.

Hiking a short ways into the woods, I quickly noticed these scrapes, and thought...turkey!  Probably not, as the only tracks anywhere nearby belonged to deer.  If one looks carefully, the foot dragging can be seen, typical of a strolling deer in the snow (not to mention the scat).

Not far from the scrapes, I also found two spots where deer had bedded down, probably overnight, as snow had partially filled in. 

Though it is not always productive to have your dogs along for a nature walk, they love the company.  And so I leave you with, not wolf, not coyote, but some mut prints. 

Scott Jackson-Ricketts