Seed Pods of Matthews State Forest by Galax High School Art Program

The Seed Pods of Matthews State Forest poster has been completed! It is the fourth in an ongoing series of posters from the Blue Ridge Illustrated program. Young artists Adian Chapman, Julio Hernandez Cervantes, Kayleigh Funk, Alondra Ramirez Perez, Kyla Revolorio, Cody McMillon, and Derek Spraker went out into the field last fall and collected seed pods in the forest and along the forest edge. They returned to the classroom where they studied the species with detailed colored pencil illustrations over the winter. Under the tutelage of art instructor, Jarrod Wilson, the students illustrated: Smooth Sumac, Evening Primrose, Sweet Birch, Black Oak, Mockernut Hickory, American Holly, Eastern White Pine, Bull Thistle, Eastern Redbud, Goldenrod, Oriental Bittersweet, Pitch Pine, Common Milkweed, Chestnut, Horse Nettle, and Mountain Mint. You can get a copy of their illustrations at Matthews State Forest or at one of our events for $5. All proceeds go towards funding the Blue Ridge Illustrated program. Program Guides were Scott Jackson-Ricketts and Aaron Floyd of BRDC and the program advisor was Zach Olinger, Education Specialist at Matthews State Forest.