Trout in the Classroom Release

For four months, the 7th grade class at Grayson Highlands School have been raising trout from eggs to fry in a 50 gallon aquarium. On March 24, the students celebrated their success with the release of 80 small fry into Wallen's Creek. 

This program involved learning about the life cycle of fish and the challenges of recreating the ideal environment for trout to flourish: cold and clean water with lots of oxygen. Each day the students diligently tested the chemical balance, fed the fish and cleaned the tank. Midway through the program to class successfully conducted an emergency overhaul on the tank to save the fish and restore balance to the tank. 

The students also surveyed the creek for aquatic insects, picked up trash along the banks and discussed threats to the riparian habitat. During the activities, tree swallows circled above signaling their return from a winter in the subtropics- a sure sign that Spring has truly arrived. 

Special thanks to Grayson National Bank and Trout Unlimited for supporting the Trout in the Classroom Program at Grayson Highlands School, and to Lisa Benish, BRDC's Program Coordinator for her contributions to this successful program.  

Students released the young fish into Wallen's Creek

Students released the young fish into Wallen's Creek