Explorers Adventure Camp II

Campers had a very hot week of outdoor fun!  Saddle Creek conditioned the air and provided the kids with several creek related programs and the occasional and unscheduled full immersion. 

The week began with a bird walk and a snake show. Claire Gleason once again shared her famous corn snake, Sylvester, which we compared to a black rat snake provided by BRDC.
Rick Cavey helped our campers learn to tie knots and lash together what became a Native American kitchen. One day the campers visited Rick and Jen's Wagon Wheel Farm to harvest veggies for our noon soup, cooked over a fire, completing the outdoor kitchen experience.

Ellie and Roald Kirby brought two art projects to camp, along with some tall tales and a woodland hike.  Jane Floyd helped the kids create, from found natural objects, small sculptures of their own design.  Lisa Benish led a snorkeling adventure in the New River, where the campers discovered a decaying Muskellunge much to their amusement and our disgust.

Among other programs we set up a moth sheet for morning examinations, captured and identified aquatic invertebrates, dissected owl pellets, searched for and identified several species of salamanders, caught and released many crayfish (including females with egg masses attached), participated in two treasure hunts, played a variety of games and documented our discoveries and experiences in personal journals.

For our grand finale, Charlotte Hanes and Kim Lawson brought ice cream and fixings to share. 

Many thanks to Heidi Breedlove, Susan and Claire Gleason, Carol Broderson, the Caveys, the Kirbys, Lisa, Kim, Charlotte and the Old Hickory Council, Boy Scouts of America, for use of their property.