The Rain Did NOT Dampen the Weekend

The 45th Annual Mount Rogers Naturalist Rally, held May 10th-12th this year, was a BIG success. The weather always threatens to ruin the weekend and as usual, it was set to be extremely rainy. Alas, the rain came but not in the amounts nor the times to disrupt the Naturalists gathered together for this fantastic event that celebrates the flora and fauna of the Blue Ridge and the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area.

Twenty-nine guided trips went out Saturday and Sunday, all full of enthusiastic attendees. Many focused on birds, wildflowers, salamanders, insects, stream ecology, fly fishing, and edible and medicinal plants while others pursued art and science. Lets not forget the awesome kids programs about salamanders and rocks!

It takes a lot of individuals to make this come together. We couldn’t do it without the love and passion our guides have and share for their fields of expertise. Nor could it happen without all the volunteers and their loving hands providing sustenance for the many participants. It is a pleasure to bring like-minded souls together to Explore, Discover and Share the wonders of the Blue Ridge.