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Explorers Club Caving Adventure

Join the Blue Ridge Explorers Club on a caving adventure. Sunday, March 26th from 12-5pm (or there about). Limited to 10 people. Must be relatively fit and comfortable in dark, tight spaces. Appropriate attire a must. Location to be determined based on attendees but will be in Wythe County.

Please contact to be added to the list.

Participants should bring the following:

  • A complete change of clothes, including shoes for after-cave wear

  • A large garbage bag (for dirty cave clothes)

  • Four AAA batteries

  • Lug-soled shoes/boots are a requirement as well. Flip flops,sandals, tennis shoes and anything with a smooth sole can be a danger due to the muddy and slippery conditions. (Falls are the number cause of injury in caves) We'll provide helmets for the participants.

  • Participants should dress warmly and in layers. Long johns under blue jeans or coveralls and a long sleeved shirt would be most appropriate. cave temperatures will be in the mid-50s and the participants will get wet.

Participants will spend about half the time walking and half the time crawling on hands and knees and/or on their bellies. Because of that, we recommend gloves and knee pads but those certainly aren't requirements.