The Crew on the New!

What a great expedition along the Upper New River! 10 kids joined BRDC guides Lisa, Joe and Aaron for a 4 day, 3-night adventure on the New River.

Loading their gear for the trip at the "forks" in North Carolina, the Crew pushed off the banks of the New and traveled downstream for four days covering roughly 20+ river miles ending at the Independence Boat Launch. The weather, the water, the camping, the food and the camaraderie were great. Couldn't have asked for a better crew of kids.

Kayaking was not all they did though. They snorkeled for hellbenders and treasures hidden on the bottom (a trip long companion accompanied us, rightly named "potty" - was a hefty stainless steel pot that they adopted as the trip mascot); they fly fished for the spunky smallmouth bass, and they swam and jumped and floated through plunges and pools. Their skills were tested and all persevered the challenges of the New.

A special thanks to all the people who made this such a great experience and helped create memories that will last a lifetime: Keith Andrews, Lisa Benish, and Jim and Andrea Bradshaw for the use of their kayaks, Paddleyax Kayaks for a generous donation of a tandem Vibe kayak, and several property owners that allowed us safe respite from the waters each night.