A Reunion of the Konnarock Training School Alumni

Blue Ridge Discovery Center and the Konnarock Retreat House hosted the alumni of the historic Konnarock Training School and their families on July 7th, 2018. Since the 1960's this group has been getting together to share stories and pass down the oral history of the KTS.

The group has dwindled but the ones in attendance were no doubt as feisty as ever. Beyond the stories of polishing the dining room floor with the weight of their rumps being pulled around on a rug, of climbing out on the roof for fresh air, tending the school garden, of the inspiring Biology teacher Mrs Kirby, and riding the school truck to Whitetop. Beyond all of that. The most inspiring part of the event was the engagement of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It is very clear that the impact of the Konnarock Training School has reverberated throughout the community for generations, affecting the trajectory of all sorts of families. It is a powerful idea, to build an educational institution, but often times it is difficult to see the broad-reaching impacts.

This weekend, we not only got to look into the past, but we also got to see our future, an insight into the potential impacts BRDC can have on individuals, families, and a community. It was heartwarming and inspiring and we can't wait to continue that legacy in Konnarock!