New River Expedition 2018!

Being in the thick of winter we thought it might be a good time to compile the footage from our New River Expedition last summer, when the days were hot, long, and filled with all sorts of fun! Going through video clips from summer camps always cracks me up. You never fully hear all of the conversations taking place in the field but the microphone captures all, so I had to put some captions in here just for clarification! As much as our camps are about exploration and experiential learning, the greatest thing about camp is ALWAYS the personalities of the kids. It never fails that we have one or two comedians on the trip to keep us highly entertained! (wait till you hear the Russian/Trump impersonation on the Fly Fishing Camp)

The New River Expedition is one of those adventures that will stick with you for a lifetime, embedded in your identity. With all the gear packed into canoes and kayaks, we start down the river on a 4day/3night trip, pitching camp in three different locations. Along the way we snorkel, fly fish, go on an owl prowl, portage a dam, look at birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and aquatic insects, we talk about geology and riparian ecology, and we do LOTS of swimming. We keep them well fed with snacks and camp meals to fuel their 72 hour adventure. In the end, when we arrive at the boat ramp, we are all cooked! No doubt these kids crash into sleep in the backseat of their parent’s cars, and maybe hit up Arby’s right away, hehehe, but I imagine that their reflection on the trip begins immediately as they recite stories to family. I also imagine that, like us, they are dreaming of their adventure during the cold winter days of January!

Looking forward to 2019!